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NASCAR meets super fruit

NASCAR meets super fruit
Attraction at Texas Blueberry Festival brings racing excitement

NACOGDOCHES, TX - Expect some revved up fun at the 30th Annual Texas Blueberry Festival presented by Tipton Ford on June 8 in historic downtown Nacogdoches.

"Putting the NASCAR experience in this year's festival will be an 800 horsepower treat for our attendees, whether they want to capture the moment with photos or get in for a simulated lap around a NASCAR circuit track," said event chair Grace Handler. "The pit crew that travels with the car will interact with the public and explain how the ride will pitch and roll to the driver's steering, breaking and accelerating."

The car is an official retired vehicle, and those waiting in line will be able to watch the driver's actual position in the race field via the HDTV monitor.

An additional bonus for taking the simulated racing ride is that at the end of the festival day, the times are reviewed and the participant with the fastest lap time will win two tickets to Texas Motor Speedway.

"As the presenting sponsor of the Texas Blueberry Festival, I like to contribute new and fresh attractions that are enjoyable to a variety of interests and ages," said Neal Slaten, Tipton Ford. "Thousands are drawn to the NASCAR racing circuit. There is an Americana spirit surrounding the sport along with the 'heat of the moment' rush. This is a perfect addition to our family-friendly festival."

The Texas Blueberry Festival is produced by the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce and will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, June 8 in historic downtown Nacogdoches. Go to the official website for more information or call 936-560-5533.